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Why book travel with me and not just any ol' travel agent? Maybe you shouldn't. Here's why...

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

No way is every Travel Agent equal to another! Curating travel is subjective, super personal and requires REAL experience.

My clients tend to prefer slow travel, local food experiences, like to be with the locals vs viewing from above. Luxury is not about spending more money but spending it where it is needed. Sometimes I suggest a cheaper hotel because of it's walk out location and not just the most expensive hotel out in a less interesting neighborhood.

Luxury is more having all the little things taken care of by me in advance that absolutely take up time, can cause frustration and generally are annoying when traveling, so you can focus on being in the moment. Relax and enjoy yourself, I got you.

Imagine this: You're all checked into your hotel and now it's time to see what's outside. You walk out the front and stop and look at each other. You look to the left the to the right and you think to yourself, this is exactly what I was hoping for right at my doorstep! And as you wonder the street you pass by a lovely local restaurant and notice that it's the same one your travel agent has booked for you later that night. That is luxury. That is what I do.

If you feel you can you can adjust your travel style to fit the situation accordingly so I can get you what you really want and are open to hearing more on the less traveled locations, or staying longer then you thought you needed, then you and I are a perfect fit to create and see through your travel desires.

This year I was included in the top travel agents of 2021 for Conde' Nast Traveler!

Give me a call at (504) 229-0348 or email me at for a consultation and more information.

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