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"Just a note to let you know how wonderful our trip has gone so far!  Not a glitch."  - Jeanne White long time client of Leatta's

Before setting down roots with Travel Central, Leatta led an extensive career in the travel industry - from her beginnings at Echols Travel School in San Francisco to being one of the first travel agents at  As a manager at, she specializes in custom curated European travel experiences.  When she’s not doing the job she loves, Leatta is often creating mixed media art or collecting memorable meals.


In addition to 20 years of experience and over 45 certifications, Leatta was part of American Express Travel Insiders, made up of only 1% of AMEX travel agents.  Now with Signature Travel Network within one year made the cut to Elite Travel Expert, a exclusive level of agents.  She specializes in culinary travel, river cruises, escorted vacations, destination weddings and honeymoons as well as cruises to destinations across Europe, Japan, Hawaii and the Caribbean.  For every trip she curates, Leatta makes sure to take “who YOU are” into consideration, resulting in vacations that fit her clients’ lifestyles and dreams.


I have been curating vacations since 1998 with a focus on all things food and wine made to fit your unique travel style and see your dream trip through to the end. Curating travel experiences to fit each traveler's vision of the perfect holiday may require more then finding that exact match in a brochure. Tap into my experience and expert training of over 50 travel providers that I have special relationships with through Signature Travel to create that unique trip to fit your personality and way of travel.

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