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Leatta's Custom Prague & Wine Cruise Group Trip Nov. 2017

Leatta Perdue of Travel Central Vacations

Hello there!

I'm new at this blog thing so hang in there with me and don't judge the spelling or grammar. This blog is set up so I can document what I intend to be the first annual group trip I'm calling "Join Leatta on Vacation" trips. Wow, what a mouthful. I may rethink that... but anyhow.

Yes, I'm a travel agent.

I know if your reading this and trying to find insider details on a trip you are either considering or booked, this maybe a let down finding my blog. But my postings will include photos of the inside of hotels, ship, tour buses, guides and so forth, so more than just tourist photos of castles. My bio is on my website.

About me

I'm a solo traveler myself but traveling with a small group of special clients, I have created a custom group experiences that allow the traveler to have their own hotel room and cabin to themselves. And as solo travelers with AMAWAterways,. stay in a fixed window cabin and waive the single supplement. My trips have the luxury of being independent when you want and then having the option to be with the group too. Perfect in my book so I started creating trips in small groups designed the way I like to travel.

Yoga in the morning anyone? Amawaterways

They call me "Late Start Leatta"

I HATE EARLY MORNING DEPARTURES. I have a friend who loves yoga and can't manage it into a traditional group, so with starting later she can go to yoga and I can sleep in, in my own cabin of coarse! So there is loads of free time in the morning to go for a run down the river or take one of the bikes out or just wander at your own leisure. So my start times can be 11am when it's the part of the trip I design or like when we are on AMAWaterways, then you have the touring options included in the cruise that are throughout the day to do as you want when you want. However, I do have one 9AM start time but let me tell you this, most tour companies leave at 8AM, so 9AM is considered late.

Leatta's Wine Trip 2018

The Official Trip

3 Nights Prague followed by a 7 Night wine cruise itinerary with Amawaterways on the AmaSerena. Some of us came in for 4 nights for Prague because of how the new British Airways flights out of New Orleans only run on certain dates. After the cruise ends in Budapest some stayed a extra night and some of us went to Paris for the night and for 2 nights. I am able to customize this very easy. But for the sake of this blog I'm only going to blog about me, well maybe my dear friend Allie and if my guests allow me to I will gossip about them too :)

Stay tuned, I leave on November 8th, 2018 on Delta One business class! While I put my dear friend Allie in coach. Yep, I did that. Lets see if it bothers me. Again, stay tuned!

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