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Travel Industry Certifications

It's important that travel advisors are up to date on suppliers and certifications prove that. 



And you should!

A Signature-affiliated travel advisor will ensure you receive the benefit of destination and product expertise, exclusive privileges and more.

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Booking Travel Since 1998

"Each vacation is different just as each person is different. Since 1998 my focus is to curate vacations to fit and see your dream trip through to the end. " - Leatta Perdue, Travel Central

Leatta Perdue, Travel Agent & Advisor - Specialist in Customizing Travel for 23 Years

"Today’s savvy travelers want to do more than just “see and do”, they want to blend in with the culture and lifestyle of the destination they’re experiencing. I will make that happen for you!  What specifically sets me apart from other travel specialists is my expertise as a Culinary Travel Expert.
From arranging a chef’s table at a popular local café, where you can spend a casual afternoon relishing farm-to-table cuisine, delightful wines, and the memorable opportunity to have been fully-immersed in the local scene; organizing your tour through a lively local market filled with fresh flowers, fruits and vegetables; to securing impossible-to-get dining reservations at the city’s finest Michelin-starred restaurant and/or entertainment venue - I can get you “there”!
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How Does Leatta Get Paid?

Expertly planned vacation itineraries on your destination including personalized immersive authentic experiences and excursions.



Above Picture of a Private Car Transfer !

Leatta's clients have been loyal going back as far as 1995, here are just a few reviews. 

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Travel Central

Leatta's Travel Agency Since 2012

Travel Central is celebrating over 30 years of helping people in the greater New Orleans area curate travel around the world. 

Be assured that regardless of your destination - my favorites include France (#1), Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, and closer to home… the state of Louisiana; and regardless of your itinerary - Group Travel, Family Travel, Girls’ Getaway, Solo trip, Honeymoon, or Romantic vacation - I will listen to what’s important to you and will use my experience, expertise, local contacts, and passion to craft your perfect vacation that will not only meet – but exceed… your every expectation.  Ready? Let’s get started!"
Leatta Perdue of Travel Central 
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