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Travel Insurance is the MOST IMPORTANT part of your trip.  

Refuse it?  Leatta requires a signed waiver to continue designing travel for you.  Download the waiver here. 

PRO TIP - Book your travel insurance within 14 days of the FIRST deposit you make towards anything on your trip, even using air miles points. Otherwise, cancellations for pre existing conditions wont be covered.  Increase the policy as you add to the trip, just get a policy started right away.
Have questions? Contact Leatta.
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AIG Travel 

  • AIG Travel handles Covid-19 largely as illness. Covid-19 Tests will be covered in-trip if they are administered upon advice of a physician due to concern about exposure or symptoms. It will NOT be covered if taken as part of entry/exit requirements. AIG offers coverage for travel to Costa Rica: On the Deluxe and Preferred Plan you can add an optional “Lodging Expense Bundle” that meets the requirements for US residents to enter Costa Rica. 

  • How to request proof of insurance with AIG. TBD

Allianz Partners


  • Allianz treats Covid-19 as illness. Testing in destination is only covered if it’s administered during hospitalization.

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