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How and where to travel during Covid. Last minute summer travel!

I'm gonna be real with you on this (as of July 30, 2020) it's not easy traveling during Covid but it can be done. Is is worth it? Yes. Absolutely yes.

As a travel advisor who is booking travel during Covid, most of my clients are travel last minute. Last minute in the travel world is between now and 3 months from now. Keep that in mind when ready my blog as it's focus is on you calling me and saying "Get me out of here now!".



These two are airlines are blocking middle seats for real. Not sorta kinda like American and United. When you book a seat and go into your seating chart to pick you seats you will see the middle seat is grayed out. And they are cleaning the planes between flights on top of other extreme cleaning measures. Watch this video from Delta on what they are doing, they are amazing as usual, leading the airline industry.


This is a loaded question. My answer on this one is to call me and have me check EACH HOTEL/RESORT directly by calling them and asking them a few questions like this:

Q. Is you pool open?

Q. Is your spa open and if so, do you have a limited menu?

Q. Are all of your resultants open? Only outside options?

Q. Due to restrictions on capacity are they taking reservations at the restaurant?

Q. Are tours running, what are the local closures?

These are but a few questions. We advisors at Travel Central have relationships with suppliers and hotels with access to information and management not available to the public. This is just a added step in today's travel making sure of no surprises and having your expectations met on top of knowing what limitations there maybe.


"Countries, states, and destinations are preparing to welcome back visitors after being closed to travel for nearly two months in an effort to prevent the spread of the corona virus. Please NOTE, this website is meant to be a guide. What we know is that some are tentative reopening’s dates and subject to change. We will do our best to maintain the most current notifications and announcements." - Travel Central created a great website with gathered information. You will be surprised at where you are going to have to produce a Covid Test and so forth! Don't just jump on a plane and take off. Travel restrictions issued by each state.


Now for my hot tips and places to go tips. This can change at any minute. I have selected my top hotel in each location based on my style of travel. The most important factor in a Leatta Hotel is being unique and not a cookie cutter luxury hotel but a place you never heard about before.


Cabo's contemporary resort experience. Chileno Bay Resort & Residences brings a new, modern luxury experience to Los Cabos. The resort features Cabo's longest infinity pool - 350 ft - with sections for children, families and adults-only. Chileno Bay is set on the best of Cabo's limited swim-able beaches.

Cabo San Lucas is a big hit with the locals here in New Orleans for some reason. I think it's because it's different then the Mayan Riviera (Cancun, Tulum, Playa Del Carmen area) and they want to experience travel not just get away. But within reason. I have always called Cabo "The long arm of LA" because it's very American ex-pat and holds very little authentic Mexico experiences but it has amazing resorts and great resultants and if you are into fishing it's king. It's desert meets the sea. The sea is not swim-able in most places however, so there's that.


Enchantment Resort—a luxury resort tucked within Boynton Canyon in Sedona, Arizona—offers unmatched views and access to Sedona’s treasured red rocks.

I think this place has everything needed for being safe AND independent at the same time. First, Southwest flys non stop into Phoenix and then you just pick up a SUV and then boom, 2.5 hrs later you are in canyons and base camp for the Grand Canyon. Full of Indian history, spas and hippy stuff in a hippy town, this place is a hikers dream. I'ts perfect for a 4 or 5 night getaway and is so unusual that it will fell like a you have TRAVELED.


Little Palm Island Resort & Spa is known as one of the most exclusive and captivating adult only private islands in the world. Views of gorgeous turquoise water and tiny uninhabited islands are enjoyed from all thirty luxury suites. Thatched bungalows exude British Colonial flair with gorgeous new interiors. White sand beaches insure a serene experience. A new world class spa features a two-story atrium with hand carved wooden columns and a hand-crafted tile fountain. The renowned Dining Room has been enhanced to encompass sweeping views of the ocean and combines with a guest favorite, The Monkey Hut lounge. Private cabanas have been added to the oceanfront pool area and the well-loved Palapa Bar is returning better than ever. Crushed seashell paths wind through this five and a half acre paradise, enabling guests the chance to see countless species of birds, the endangered Key Deer, and even bright green iguanas and playful dolphin. Many adventurous activities are available, from seaplane tours to reef snorkels. This extraordinary experience will quickly win the hearts of those who visit.


Travel is changing daily and sometime by the minute. I can not stress enough to contact me to create a travel experience in a time like this. I will be advising you on what and where and how and also providing you with Travel Insurance AND my private cell phone number to contact me 24hrs a day should you need anything during your travel. This is always a option for my clients and not just in Covid.

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