Leatta's Packing Must Have-its!

I am a over packer. I also forget one critical thing every trip. EVERY TRIP. Like a tooth brush or once my reading glasses during a business trip. So I'm not the authority on all things packing but I am asked everyday, what luggage lock to use, what adapters work in Italy and how many shoes to I bring.

So I have put this Pinterest package together with links to Amazon. More will be added as I remember stuff, but for now this is the basics.

I think Becca Bristow hits the nail on the head too with overnight long haul flights if your not in business class lay flat flights.

It's ALL ABOUT THE CAPSULE WARDROBE folks. No joke. See what it's all about with this great U Tuber who gives you a idea and then you go down the rabbit hole and discover your style and ideas.

Ok, so this me in a train station in France, waiting to get on a high speed to Bordeaux. I have a bottle of wine I we did not finish from the night before, cheese I picked up for 3 euros IN THE STATION and a begat. I had picked up local market foods like olives and cured meat and such. So when I'm on the train we have a gourmet pick-nick. I also have the nail clippers, the sun screen and all the other stuff my travel partner did not have room for or forgot. I also have the wine opener!

Happy travels! - Leatta Perdue, Travel Central


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