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When should you start planning your next vacation - the truth from your travel agent

One question I should get asked by don't from my clients is: when should I start planning my vacation? Simple. Follow this guideline.

Land based trips that are customized (Like Europe Trips or Hawaii Trips)

  • 8-9 months in advance

  • Insider note: all you need to do is put a small deposit down as low as $100 per person and you LOCK IN the discount you got for booking early.

Cruises. Especially River Cruises

  • 1 - 2 years in advance

  • Insider Note: if and when the prices change in your favor my agency is alerted and we adjust that price for you, you don't have to watch it. It's called CRUISE TRACKER and we have that ability to give you peace of mind.

Guided/Escorted Trips

  • 1 year in advance

  • Insider TRICK for BIG SAVINGS

Lock in this years tour price and travel next year. This is normally about 5-10% savings as that is what most tour companies increase the tours each year. Then pay the tour in full and save even more up to a additional 5-10%. Here is how:

  • Book in October and November the year before you go. This is right before tour companies put out the next years new brochures.

  • Next pick out the tour you want to go on. Then look at the day the tour starts on, for example this one starts on Saturdays.

  • Now look at the next year and pick a Saturday you like to start the tour and assume it runs just like it did this years tour dates run.

  • I with then book the tour for you as a "Early Booking" with the normal deposit amount that the company charges. HOWEVER this is refundable should you decide to cancel before the brochure is out, because once the brochure is out that confirms the tour and once the tour is confirmed, the deposit is non refundable.

In the weeks before the brochure hits, the tour company has a EARLY BOOKING PROMOTION, it's only for a few weeks and if you pay for your tour that confirmed with last years price locked in, they have a 5-10% off promo.

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