Why I didn't blog while I was on my group trip? Because I was having too much fun that's why.

November 29, 2017

PICTURE NOTE:  This is the picture of me on my baloney at the U Prince Hotel in Prague, I was in the suite!  My other passengers were also upgraded, however, not to this one as it was a one of kind in the 13th century hotel.  Not that I can always get upgrades for my group, but this was very special and a great way to start off the trip.


I tried to post about the trip while on the trip... tried being the key word. First of all, my blog only works on my phone and not on a ipad, so I'm not that skilled in typing with giant human fingers on a tiny little phone so I skipped the blogging.  Therefore, I'm doing it in sections now while it's fresh in my mind. 





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