The 2 most important things in travel: Transfers & Travel Insurance

I always say the two most important things in travel are travel insurance and transfers. And let me explain myself. Obviously, as a travel agent, I hear all the horror stories that can go wrong when traveling. And that is why for a small fee you can save yourself big catastrophes and major anxiety on top not having to put a mortgage on your home because you fell off a bike in Tuscany and need surgery and a lay flat seat for the flight home. For some, as little as $79 you can have a half a million dollars worth of medical flight evacuation and get $1,000 to replace your lost luggage thanks again to the airlines (Most likely American and you know it American Airlines). And let me tell you, wit

Traveling Europe by Trains - I'm all in!

They say half the fun of a vacation is getting there. If you’re talking about traveling Europe by train, then I wholeheartedly agree. It’s an adventure unlike any other, filled with beautiful scenery, excitement and valuable time spent with friends. And that’s just the fun part. The true benefits come in the logistical aspects. First off, trains are more dependable and timely than airlines. With high speed intercity trains going 200 miles per hour between major towns, you’ll arrive at your next destination in no time. They also save you precious vacation hours often lost while waiting in an out-of-the way airport. Why take a taxi to an airport an hour outside of your location when a train pi

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